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Results like above (and we have hundreds of case studies) is a true testimate to how hard we work for clients all over the U.S.
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Competitor Analysis SEO

#1 - Competitve Analysis

Competitve analysis is included in all packages
(Completed during month 1 & on-going)

The most sophisticated and successful SEO strategies and campaigns start with and require an in-depth competitive analysis. Knowledge in power, which is why we analyze your industry along with every one of your competitors using proprietary software and tools to collect massive amounts of data that we are able to get actionable insights out of.

We measure over 500 SEO factors for your particular industry. Utilizing proprietary software, tools, scientific methods, empirical measurements and statistical correlation we measure over 500 SEO factors for your particular industry – including every single one of your competitors. Every, Single, Competitor.

We determine which of these SEO factors matter & are influential. We take these SEO factors and determine which ones matter most and appear to influence the rankings in your industry – including which ones all of your competitors are using. Each industry is different and has different factors influencing the rankings, which is why this process is critical to ranking high in the search engines. We analyze each industry and competitor separately as they all have different factors that matter and are influential in the rankings. Most SEO companies take a “one industry fits all” mentality, not us and this is just another thing that separates us from the pack.

#2 - Keyword Research

Keyword research is included in all packages
(Completed during month 1 & on-going)

Ranking high in the search engines for consumers searching for your product or service begins with finding the right sets of keywords to focus on. 9 out of 10 online users go to the search engines to find a product or service and they do this by typing in a keyword or a keyword phrase. For this reason, keyword research lies at the heart of a successful online marketing campaign.

Finding the perfect keywords. Utilizing proprietary tools and software, we find exactly what online users are typing into the search engines when looking for your product or service. Targeting the perfect keywords from the start is vital to a successful campaign.

Finding long tail keywords. This is where we take the game to another level. Utilizing proprietary tools and software, we find the “hidden gems” of keyword phases that online users are typing into the search engines to find your product or service. These long tail keyword phrases are often searched less but have a much higher conversion value, as they are more specific. When a visitor finds your web page by typing in these long tail keywords, they are more likely to buy your service or product. We find these “gems” and make certain that your product or service ranks high for them as well.

Keyword Research
Website Audit

#3 - Website Audit

Website audit is included in all packages
(Completed during month 1 & on-going)

Utilizing our competitive analysis and extensive keyword research, we perform a comprehensive technical website audit. Our website audit is critical for getting a look at how well your website is currently doing and what we need to do from a technical and search perspective within your industry to give the search engines exactly what they want.

Our website audit looks at dozens of factors, including: On-Page SEO, branding, design, coding, usability, content, keyword focus, social media, mobile and many other factors.

#4 - On-Page Optimization for Website and Google Locals/Maps Listing (On-Page SEO)

On-Page Optimization is included in all packages
(Completed during month 1 & on-going)

On-Page optimization is where we really dive into setting up the web page or web pages that we will be ranking so that we give the search engines exactly what they want.

In this important process, we meticulously and methodically incorporate our results from the competitive analysis, keyword research and the website audit to dig deep into the genetics of the web pages and re-engineer the essential elements to make sure the web pages we are trying to rank are sending picture-perfect signals to the search engines.

On Page Elements Include

Title Tag, Keyword Density, Meta Tags, Mobile Optimization, Schema Markup, Local Shema Markup, Heading Tags (H1 H2 H3 H4), Image SEO, GEO Tagging, Sitemap, URL Slugs, Outbound Links, Internal Linking, Google Tag Manager, Site Speed and so much more!

Keyword Research
Website Audit

#5 Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page SEO is included in all packages. *Not all services included in all packages.
(Completed during month 2 & on-going)

Off-Page SEO is where the magic happens as it accounts for around 95% of why a web page ranks high in the search engines. Off-Page SEO is insanely important to rankings because it gives the search engines an indication of how the world perceives your web page.

Think of it as a popularity contest and each website on the internet has a vote with search engines valuing some websites votes higher than others. For example, a vote from will be valued higher than a link from that is only a month old.

How do these websites vote? They vote by linking to your site from their site - and it's our Award-Winning Off-Page SEO services that dedicates hours upon hours of outreach each month to acquire these ever so valuable votes from hundreds of websites all over the globe.

Unmatched & Award-Winning Off-Page SEO Services: Our proprietary Off-Page SEO services and strategy are directly responsible for thousands of #1 rankings for our clients.

Our Award-Winning Off-Page SEO services

Below you'll find almost everything that is included in our Off-Page SEO services. Not all services are listed and not all services are included in all packages.


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