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Important: When viewing a case study from an SEO company, make sure the searches and cost per click (CPC) in the study are equal or higher then your industry. Be careful of companies showing you case studies for low search volume and low CPC industries - they're trying to pull a fast one.

Client and Industry Overview: This particular roofing client was referred to us by an existing client. They had been with another SEO company that couldn't get them past page 3 after 15 months. Industry Competition: Combined 3500+ monthly searches Average Cost Per Click (CPC): $20 (what a company would pay for Google Ads - $ per individual ad click) Target Cities: Started with 1 City Starting Position: Page 3 for main search term

Before Soderman

Only traffic to the site before Soderman was from branded (company name) searches. They are a well known company that people searched for by name, but couldn't rank or be found for competitive keywords that didn't have their comany name included. To be found for these competitive keywords, they were paying for Google Ads - a lot.

These are known as the money terms. Search terms that are generic without a brand name included (roofing contractor + city). When these are typed in, someone is wanting to find any roofing contractor in your specific city, not a specific contractor one (ABC CO roofing). And, when you're the top roofing contractor for their search term, they walk right in your front door - Priceless.

Roofing Client Before Soderman

4 Months After Hiring

4 Months after hiring Soderman, this roofing client was receiving an increase of over 300 visitors a month. In addition, these additional monthly visitors were customers that didn't know about this client's roofing company. They were typing in the money roofing terms and finding this client, instead of his competitors.

Traffic cost jumped $3.6k a month due to the competitivness of these roofing terms that this client was now ranking for - traffic this client does not have to pay Google for. They immediately shut off their ads with Google.

Roofing Clients 3 Months SEO Case Study

6 Months After Hiring

Added two new target locations/cities (3 locations total)

After seeing the effects and the ROI of quality roofing SEO after 4 months, this client decided to target 2 additional locations/cities for their roofing business.

These keywords were even more competitive (Cost Per Click) which skyrocketed his traffic value when they started to rank well for them. This client was now getting over $16k worth of traffic each month from Google that he didn't have to pay for.

Roofing Clients 6 Months SEO Case Study

16 Months After Hiring

Added three more target locations/cities (6 total)

Do you see a trend? When you hire an industry leading SEO company for your roofing business, your options to expand are limitless and only contained by the roofing companies desire and ability to grow.

As of the time reading this, this roofing company is now operating in 3 states.

Roofing Clients 16 Months SEO Case Study

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We Love Our Clients

Below are just a handful of our 5 star reviews.

  • User
    Bradley W.

    I run our marketing department for an Ecommerce business and reached out to Soderman SEO after 2 prior SEO companies couldn't get us past page 2 in over 2 years. It took Soderman 3 months to move us into the top 5 for over 50 major search terms. Night and day.

  • User
    Jack M.

    Results-driven and very passionate agency. It's refreshing to meet a team that is focused. Soderman Marketing is turning my dream of expanding service locations into a reality.

  • User
    Johnny G.

    I like the fact that Randy includes a multitude of services at no additional cost. Saving me money by cancelling my contracts with 2 SEO companies and a web hosting service since I started. Now that my website is in the top 3 organic results for commercial flooring in my area, I see my return on investment by the first week of the month. Easy to see why I recommend Soderman Marketing.

  • User
    Steven D.

    If any business didn’t get the SEO results they expected with Soderman Marketing, then they left too early or expected overnight results. We are on our 3rd location with Soderman Marketing and even though the second site too a bit longer to see the SEO results, both are now in the top 3 for the keywords we wanted. With Soderman Marketing’s SEO, it really is just a matter of time before you are the top local business for your service in your area. They only do quality “white hat” work that produces lasting SEO results.

  • User
    James W.

    Soderman Marketing under promised and over delivered. We just hit #1 for an extremely competitive National term. Couldn't be more impressed and feel timing was perfect. It's going to be a great 2019.

  • User
    Ronald L.

    We are about to start our third project with Soderman and coudn't be more pleased and satisfied with their services over the last couple years. Two of our main business (Luxury Homes and HVAC Repair and Installation) have both reached the top 3 for the majority of their search terms so it's time to ramp up my third project. They came highly recommended from a few friends in my networking group and I thank them at each meeting. They said the SEO would be addictive, and it is!

  • User
    Gale S.

    We have been with Soderman Marketing for over 3 years and it has been a game changer for us. There isn't a better ROI. Look out 2019!

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